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The missions are simply essential in Control and this allows us to explain how to complete Gerbil took the top head, let's see.

What does the Control AWE DLC bring us?

  Although it is true, Control is a game that has been around for some time and has managed to offer us a lot of action, in addition to being sufficiently linked to Alan Wake, however, the missions is still an interesting task and therefore it is necessary to know How to complete Gerbil took the top head, because this is necessary to complete it in Fra Mauro and is simply identified as a side mission that is part of this interesting search through this new DLC of the game that just came out a couple of days ago and is already giving enough to talk about.
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    How to complete Jerbo took the top head in Control?

     This is simply a lateral mission that requires fulfilling some specific activities, to begin it is necessary to speak with the cell phone intercom, as it is the first task that we need to execute precisely to activate the mission, which specifically leads us to be able to converse through of the intercom with the prisoner who is located in Fra Mauro AWE's cell, and this is directly related to the search for the Third Thing, This conversation leads us to have to specifically locate some items, which must be taken to the prisoner to show them , since just by showing them we are offered the opportunity to access our next objective, the head.

     These are the items that we can show the prisoner regardless of the order, since this does not really matter.


    •  A stuffed animal we found in Lab 1.
    • The basketball on the floor of the Mobile laboratory 2.
    • A bottle of alcohol from the Mobile Lab console 1.
    • A plate of fruit and cheese on the console in Mobile Lab 2.


     To find complete the Gerbil took the top head mission it is necessary to precisely find the head that the prisoner has been asking for, for this it is necessary to proceed to defeat Hiss, who is a Sergeant Houton in the Great Square Room where we will take the helmet, then It is necessary to go back to the cell where the prisoner is, as it is necessary to give him his head, for this it is necessary to proceed to press the door button once we have used the intercom, with this we finish this mission necessary to complete this DLC.

     Now that you know how to complete Gerbil took the top head, it's time to fight a little and get our secondary mission necessary to continue in this expansion of Control, give it a try.

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