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The beautiful game always shows us interesting tasks to execute, let's see How to score free kicks in FIFA 23.

What is the point of scoring free kicks in FIFA 23?

Having the possibility of making use of an interesting mechanic and that is part of the innovative changes that this game usually brings, this usually applies in the case of Career Mode, so it is necessary to know how to score free kicks in FIFA 23, because we are allowed to access these features that are part of the HyperMotion 2 technology, so scoring free kicks allows you to do it with ease and to give you more details about it, we have brought this guide.

How to score free kicks in FIFA 23?

We must take care of pointing and annotating, to do so it is necessary to take care of:

  • Adjust the target in addition to the free kick trajectory line with the left stick.
  • Then, we must take care of adjusting the angle of impact to apply the effect with the right joystick.
  • We proceed to turn on the shot at the desired strength by holding down the fire button.
  • Finally, we trigger a timed finisher to proceed to press, shoot one more time when the player hits the ball for an additional accuracy boost and watch the ball hit the keeper and celebrate.

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    The mechanics of free kicks do not usually have major changes in this installment of FIFA, we must look at the path of the ball while we are preparing to hit, however, knowing how to score free kicks in FIFA 23 makes it necessary to consider some new mechanics among the which is usually that the ball icon indicates where it hits the player to apply the turn, so that it is necessary to use the right joystick and decide from the angle of our player to make contact with the ball, in this case it is vital to consider the left stick to adjust the intended trajectory of the ball.

    Control a player who is not standing on the wall and use the left joystick to move him to the back and assume the sitting position, this as long as we do this whole process well, also decide that this player may be necessary in another place it allows using the right stick to select the player on the ground and proceed to use the left stick in order to move the player from behind the wall.

    Another of the changes that this delivery has implies that a defending player can lie down behind the free throw wall, in addition, believing that our opponent tries to make a low shot or limit the options that he may have, we can get him to lie behind the wall getting increased pressure.

    This is all you need to know about How to score free kicks in FIFA 23, so it is vital to follow the instructions described here and that's it.

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