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Code Vein:How to finds all Successors - Crypt Doors location

2019-09-28 11:55:19

Do you know how to finds all successors of Code Vein? If you don't know, don't worry because with this guide we have covered everything.

Who are the successors in Code Vein.

These are three bosses who have the task of beating if you want to reach the end of the game. To beat them you will first have to find them, and unfortunately the game does not explain practically anything about how or where to find them, so we set ourselves on the mission of finding all the successors and we have achieved it, so we will leave you everything below.

How to finds all successors in Code Vein.

1. First successor.

To find the first successor you will have to go to the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, which is next to the fast travel point in the Interior Tower area, in the circular dead end alley.

When you arrive at the fountain you will have to walk to the door and interact with it so that the purple Mistle appears and takes you to a snowy place with the name of "Ridge of the Frozen Souls" where you will have to look for the first boss that being deleted lets you meet the real Nicola.

2. Second successor.

After finishing with the first successor and returning to the base, you will have to talk to Eva who will give you some directions to go with the second successor.

This is located under the cathedral. Eva will ask you to save Jack from Juzo Mido. You will have to return to the cathedral using the fast travel point of the Closed Room inside the Cathedral where the door to the second successor will be linked automatically, use the elevator to go under the Cinderella Cavern cathedral and look for the crypt of Juzo Mido.

3. Third successor.

For the third one you will have to go to a well in Frozen Souls Ridge by using the Iceless Falls fast travel point that will take you on the underground road that is on the left and you must continue to get to this site.

Once you find the stairs you will have to go down them and find the purple door of the successor. Make sure you have finished with the two previous successors to pass through this door.

Thus ends our guide on how to finds all  successors in Code Vein, we hope it has been very useful and you can continue advancing in the game quickly.

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