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Code Vein: How to use Damage Report

2019-09-27 15:41:10

We have made an article so you know how to use the damage report in Code Vein.

This is a game in which it is important to decipher some elements that are necessary to elaborate certain things, among these elements we find the damage report, since Code Vein presents several activities in which you can participate in parallel.

How to use the damage report in Code Vein?

This report is found after the second Mistle, this is given by an area when we are in the middle of the game, after moving around the sides of the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, once we have it it is necessary that we turn around back to the first Mistle, and let's walk in a straight line to get Revenant, because this is an object that is used elsewhere, specifically in a trench in which we have been before.

The Revenant is called Gustav and we see him standing still, practically waiting for us, he is conducting an investigation on Silva and the Government, so we must give him the damage report, as he requires it and we can then receive a loss fragment (L ) that serves to get some haze and is a reward for us.

Apart from the damage report we have obtained another element that we can give Gustav, it is an element that we get in the city Falling Flame, and it is the evaluation of the project, anyway throughout the game it is possible to get more items to give to the Revenant .

Now to close it is important that you know how to use the damage report in Code Vein, since we receive a reward and contribute to an investigation.

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