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Code Vein: How to Use Blood Codes

2019-09-27 16:21:10

On this occasion we will have the guidelines on how to use blood codes in Code Vein.

Bandai Namco this time brought us a role-playing game, action in the third person, with a peculiar battle system already known in other games, this time we will talk about Code Vein, we will have details on what we should do to use the blood codes.

How to use blood codes in Code Vein?

According to the blood code that we get to equip, we will have the affinity with the type of weapons according to the choice, in the character's menu we find the option, each code brings with it general changes, in the menu we will have the list of the codes that we can choose To equip, there is the possibility that some code is not compatible with passive and active gifts, so we will also activate them.

When advancing in the game we will have most of them, only that there are some that to obtain them you have to fulfill special tasks, in addition, the codes that we already have can be improved or give you access to others, by getting Elements of the Vestige that are in the world, when turning them into Home base.

In conclusion, the explanation in this guide we hope will comply with the usefulness of solving how to use blood codes in Code Vein.

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