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Code Vein: How to Upgrade Regeneration - tips and tricks

2019-09-27 12:25:48

In this guide you will have access to the tips and tricks on how to upgrade regeneration in Code Vein.

The healing system in Code Vein is the regeneration, at the start of the game we will have only 3 regeneration bottles that we will use when having the health bar in compromised state, if we get to have the empty bottles, we can fill them when resting in a Mistle, but this may not be enough so it must be necessary to update the regeneration, now let's see what to do in this case.

How to upgrade regeneration in Code Vein?

The first thing we should do is find an article when exploring the world, this is the Regeneration Extension Factor, we can locate it in White Blood Spring Trees, so we can increase the amount of regeneration, some NPCs can give us extension factors when talking to them or by defeating a GF. Every time we find a regeneration factor, we must use it to upgrade regeneration, on PS4 or Xbox One we will access the menu by selecting it in the inventory.

In addition, if we find the element of the Improvement Factor of regeneration we can increase the amount that each cure performs, this element is found in the same way as the extension factor, exploring the world, talking with the NPCs and by defeating the GFS.

With this we finish the explanation, we want it to be very useful to upgrade regeneration in Code Vein and improve the capabilities that we will have throughout the game.

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