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Code Vein: How to Parry attacks

2019-09-28 07:26:58

One of the ways to survive in Code Vein, is to know  How to Parry attacks, precisely in this guide we will tell you how to do it through our advice, here we will clarify your doubts.

Fortunately in Code Vein, it is possible to stop the blows of your enemies using a button, but you must be very attentive to the moment when your opponent attacks you, if you manage to do so it will make your enemy vulnerable, at that moment you must attack him In a massive way, with which you can damage it and as an advantage you can restore your Ichor, so it is important to know how to stop attacks from enemies.

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     How to Parry attacks in Code Vein

    It's simple in Code Vein, stop a punch, the first thing you should do is press the L2 button on PlayStation 4, and if you play with XboxOne you press the left shoot button, you must press this button at the right moment when your enemy attacks you , if you do it too fast or too late you will receive a great attack, this will cause you to die in the game or be quite spoiled.

    But if you know how to stop attacks successfully, that is to say you press the button at the exact moment, you will have significant time to cause the most damage to your enemy, however we recommend you fight a little with your enemy, exhaust it a little before trying to do This trick, avoiding so eliminate you if you fail.

    As usual, thanks for always being with us, we hope our Code Vein guide has been helpful, now you know how to stop attacks from your enemies of the game, so be very attentive to successfully stop the attack to Avoid setbacks, luck.

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