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Code Vein: How to Level Up quickly

2019-09-27 17:05:08

In this guide we will explain how to level up quickly in the game Code Vein?

As in all role-playing games, leveling up is extremely important, so let's see how it is done and that this happens very quickly.

How to level up quickly in Code Vein?

In Code Vein, resting is essential, that's where there are control points called Mistle, these are useful for resting, and being able to recover your health, here we can select the option to level up in the menu shown, they could usually be associated with bonfires , because there can also be enemies.

On the other hand, health statistics are not updated manually, so this process occurs automatically in the game and not only health but also defense and attack, we only need to press the right button as many times as we deem necessary. level up, because for this moment we already have enough Haze.

How can we get Haze to level up quickly in Code Vein?

Getting Haze is simple, we just need to eliminate enemies in game. Another way to find it is in the loss fragments, when we use them they grant us Haze, and this is actually a very necessary currency, because it helps us to unlock gifts, to transform the team and above all to level up.

With the Haze you can get access to the Blood of Mercury code, this allows us to access a gift that can increase the fog necessary to kill the enemies, this happens when talking with Coco at the Home Base, on the other hand the team can Selling is only necessary to be sure not to sell the equipment we are using at this time.

We hope our guide helps you discover how to level up quickly in Code Vein, and keep moving forward in the game.

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