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Code Vein: How to Launch Enemies - tips and tricks

2019-09-27 20:56:04

You no longer need to wonder how to launch enemies in Code Vein, because as always we have everything covered for you.
This video game has a rather complex battle system and some things can be difficult to understand and will make you wonder things like what to do to throw enemies. Fortunately we have this guide that covers it all.

How to launch enemies in Code Vein?

The first thing you should know is that the launch attack varies depending on your weapon, being the heavier weapons the ones that take longer to finish, however, these have more range.
The first combination we recommend is the R1 button if you're on PlayStation or the RB button if you're on Xbox One along with another button.
To make a draining attack on a combo you will have to use R1 plus X on PS4 or A on Xbox.
To use a launch attack you will have to use R1 plus triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox.

What is Code Vein's focus?

This is a necessary resource to make these attacks, so you'll need to have the focus meter full to make them.
This measure is small compared to the rest, so it won't be difficult to fill it, and for this you will have to get points for damage, launch effective attacks and dodging or stopping enemy attacks. Once it's full it will start blinking blue.
now that you know how to launch enemies because, just like you, enemies also have a measure of focus that can become a lethal weapon in case it's full and you know it's full because it will also blink blue over its head.

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