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Code Vein: How to get more Regeneration charges

2019-10-01 09:54:24

The regenerationcharges in Code Vein are the greatest attraction of all players, in this guide we will tell you how to obtain more regeneration charges, easier in your exploration.

Every player wants to accumulate regenerationcharges in Code Vein as soon as possible, to get more regeneration charges you have to be very aware of an element with the name Regeneration Extension Factor, they can be quite rare items, but their importance is It is based on that you can use them to regenerate your health, so here we will tell you how to get more charges easier.

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    How to get more regeneration charges in Code Vein

    You will be able to get some Factors of regeneration extension when you start the Code Vein game, however so that you can activate them you can only do it after you have attacked the Blood Cathedral, you must be very careful because these two elements are supported For very powerful enemies, you will have to defeat them to get them.

    You can identify these two regeneration elements because they are surrounded by twigs of white plants, when you get them you have to beat their protectors to be able to obtain them, these Regeneration Factors are not very common in the game, so we recommend Carefully explore the area to get them.

    How to use Regeneration Factors in Code Vein

    Once you have achieved more regeneration charges and found the Regeneration Activation Factor, it is very easy to use, you just have to equip them in your menu item bar, when you return to the game, you just have to return to the menu, Press the button to use elements, and immediately you will get what you need, an additional charge of Regeneration so that you will be very well equipped to start your adventures.

    That is not all, but you will also get more power in your character, once you get the element of Regeneration Activation Factor, something incredible will happen, fortunately your range of regenerative power will increase permanently, this would give you many advantages as you progress in the game.

    This is all or what you need to know in Code Vein to be able to obtain more regeneration charges, we hope that our guide has been very useful, just remember to explore each area very well to get the regeneration and activation factors, destroy your guardians and get them.

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