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Code Vein: How to Get Gifts

2019-09-27 13:37:46

We hope you are more than ready because in this guide we will tell you how to get gifts in Code Vein.

What are gifts and what are the gifts in Code Vein.

This is a series of special active and passive skills with which you can increase your performance and achieve greater and better results during combat in the game. They are linked to the blood codes that you can choose to follow, and each blood code has its own variety of gifts.

How to get gifts in Code Vein.

To get gifts, you will have to unlock them in the mistletoe. So head to the closest mistletoe to you and select the Rest option, then you will have to select the blood code you want to open the list of available gifts.

To unlock it you will have to invest a Haze amount which may vary depending on the gift you want to select.

How to use gifts in Code Vein.

In order to use them, first of all you will have to equip them. So head to the main menu and select the gift to equip, the gifts will be divided into passive skills on the left side active on the right side, select and equip.

Passive skills are activated only once equipped, while active ones are activated by pressing R2 once equipped.

We recommend you try each gift according to the blood code to which they belong so that you can gradually dominate them.

We hope that with our guide on how to get gifts in Code Vein, you can continue moving quickly and easily in the game. We have lots of additional content for you about this and other titles that we recommend you review to keep you always up to date.

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