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Code Vein: how to choose the best companion

2019-09-30 14:26:37

We have prepared a guide for you in order to know how to choose the best companion in Code Vein.

How to choose the best companion in Code Vein?

In Code Vein, knowing how to choose the best companion is a fundamental factor, since they give us some very useful tips, they are also able to detect some enemies, they help you to orient yourself in some cases, so much so that when they notice that it makes you elements of regeneration are missing, they remind you so that you are aware, that is, in the companions you will see some friends who drink blood and makes this apocalyptic end not lonely, so if we have any assumption of them it will be better to keep it, because these Group IA teammates bring some clutch saves in and out of the battle, so we must know how to choose the best teammate who will be part of our team, in each fight.

The partners in Code Vein usually have skills and armor, they are fixed so they cannot be changed for anything, so we must rely on their abilities and adjust to them, each partner has their own blood code, this means that each You have your fighting forms strong enough when it comes to fighting.

Remember that the save points in the game are the Mistle, there we can make the modifications we want in relation to the teammate with whom we want to team, when we return to the base of operations we can interact with the other teammates, as this will give us the alternative that in a next outing we can take another different partner and activate the option “change partners” and continue our exploration.

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    How to choose the best companion of the Prometheus blood code in Code Vein?

    Louis is the first partner we got when we started the game, this one has a healthy Ichor team, since it is a gift that can revive it a good amount of times before they run out of health, this gift is called a restorative offering, Louis is also a friend who has several skills, with them he can generate a lot of damage, especially when it comes to fighting bosses, this is perhaps the biggest reason we can say that he is the perfect partner with whom we find ourselves in the game, that is why this will be the first option to know how to choose the best companion.

    Our first partner is doing great combat, that is why when we face the butterfly boss this is our ideal companion, of course, that does not mean that he is invincible, because the poison of this enemy is quite strong and we must be stacked with that.

    Louis' abilities are BladeDance and Fire Storm, he usually uses them to cause damage in both boss fights as well as during explorations, this is a friend who usually concentrates on keeping enemies occupied, as the fight to keep alive, that is why it is up to us to fight with the boss and win.

    How to choose the best companion of the Atlas blood code in Code Vein?

    Our second partner is called Yakumo, he has an enormous capacity to protect himself from the attacks of strong enemies, which allows him to retain them and give us the opportunity to shoot him or to stab him in the back, because this is a partner ideal when we use a distance construction such as Ranger or Caster, Yakumo, is able to absorb too much damage, since it does not have enough Ichor, therefore we cannot expect that he can resurrect us with Restorative Offering.

    The invading executioner is a boss who has to move a lot and causes too much damage, so having the partner Yakumo will be ideal, because this, thanks to his ability to absorb the blows allows us to overcome him with something less of difficulty, since our friend has to rely on a skill called a dirty blood barrier, because this causes the damage that you and your partner cause to you to be reduced for a period of time, another of the abilities you have is Reversal Guard, this is a abilities that allow you to stagger enemies after protecting against them in Code Vein.

    How to choose the best companion of the Artemis blood code in Code Vein?

    If what we want in a fight is a melee focused combat, the best option would be to take our companion Mine, because of her blood code, because she normally causes damage from a quite withdrawn distance, because she uses a Bayonet weapon in the game, we know this companion in Howling Pit, Mia is the third member who is part of our team, in the quest to know how to choose the best companion.

    To fight in the company of Mine it is necessary to execute attacks in combos, especially when we see the effect of the Bloodsucking Blades, because it has a certain resemblance to a jagged sword, which increases in a limited way in the drainage index of the attacks with weapons or when we stab in the back. Mine has a skill, which is put to good use and is a so-called Fusillade Rondo, this simply triggers a burst of projectiles in Code Vein since she caused damage to the enemy from a distance.

    We hope that with this guide you know how to choose the best companion and you can beat Code Vein, any comments let us know, your opinion is important to us.

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