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Code Vein: How to beat invading executioner

2019-10-01 17:27:24

As we well know Code Vein, it is full of many characters that are scary to face them, they will be compelling tests, in this guide we will tell you how to beat the invading executioner

When you are about to go out in Code Vein to face a battle, you have to make sure to verify your equipment that is in the appropriate conditions, and make sure you have the Blood Veil as well as the equipment of your favorite weapons, do not forget to have between your luggage the effect of slow state, after all this you can already face the fight, here we will tell you how to beat the invading executioner

How are the attacks of the invading executioner in Code Vein?

You must be very careful with the attacks of the executioner in Code Vein, if you see that a red circle appears below, you have to dodge its radius of effect because after a few seconds a large burst of water is fired, when you observe that this Boss stops momentarily with the weapon on his back, you must be very alert, since he will be preparing to throw a direct blow at you, we recommend you to be active to dodge it away from his reach and avoid being in front of him.

This invading executor character has a variety of attacks that can harm you, apart from the fact that he uses a weapon like a pole, you can dodge it by placing yourself behind it, when you observe that the boss begins to spin around the weapon, alert you must go back and be Attentive to dodge the attack. You must be very alert because this invader can shoot projectiles of water waves, be prepared to avoid them, if one of those waves hit you, it will cause you to slow your movements. Also, if the boss ducks for a fraction of a second, alert because he will mount his weapon just towards his character, it will be a very difficult attack to avoid, so you must be prepared to receive it or avoid it if you can, in this way you will start the way to beat the invading executioner

How to beat the invading executioner in Code Vein?

Fortunately, this Code Vein boss is not that hard to defeat if you have a good plan, of course, the best way to stay protected is not to be in one place for a long time, you must move permanently, to make things easier if you want to beat the invading executioner you must attack him in waves, that is to dodge his attacks and take advantage to attack him and try to harm him and retire again, do not neglect since this boss is very fast.

As you are hurting this boss, on several occasions he will fall to his knees, this is the opportunity you should wait to attack on your best attacks until he gets up, keep repeating this trick until you manage to defeat the invading executioner once and for all in Code Vein

To make things easier we recommend using elements such as lightning or fire, if you get in the battle under the slowing effect by the contact of a wave of water, you must use the specific medicine, otherwise you will be attacked and destroyed in battle.

That's all, thanks for choosing us, we hope our guide has been very helpful in Code Vein to beat the invading executioner, don't forget that your most important opportunity to attack him is when he is kneeling.

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