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Code Vein: How to Beat Butterfly of Delerium

2019-09-27 17:26:05

We have prepared a guide with everything you need to know to beat the butterfly of delirium in Code Vein.

What is Code Vein about?

This is an action-role videogame which has been developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users.

In the video game you will have to face a lot of bosses, one of the first you will have to face is the butterfly of delirium, a battle not simple, so you have to prepare. Luckily in this guide we already have everything covered.

How to beat the butterfly of delirium in Code Vein?

The first thing you should know to beat the butterfly of delirium in Code Vein is that you can take advantage of almost all the blood codes in this battle, but the one we most recommend is Louis's Prometheus code.

Thinking of a partner to bring on this mission could be something very important, and Yakumo is an excellent option in several ways. Just be sure to bring a gift that adds an effect to you and your partner's weapon.

Already in the sand, if something to be taken care of during this battle is the poison of the butterfly. This means that it will be necessary to buy a good amount of coconut poison healing items at Home Base. The poison will come in the form of orbs that you will have to dodge and be careful not to poison yourself.

Another of the attacks that you will not want to experience is when the butterfly closes its wings around it because it is about to generate a poisonous tornado. Avoid being hit by your head by being very close.

Avoid being reached when it is thrown at you, you will know when this is going to happen because the butterfly will turn its head directly towards you.

To defeat the butterfly of delirium use medium-range attacks, so we recommend you only get a little closer to attack, quickly withdraw to prevent the boss from harming you by repelling your attacks.

A relatively blind spot of this Code Vein boss is when he makes his charge attack, dodge quickly and run straight towards him to throw some combos before bending down and backing down, however, don't let your guard down, use gifts of fire from a distance to Keep weakening it.

When your focus meter is full you will have to run towards the boss to get a launch attack outside to get him a ton of damage.

To recover a little health, avoid the boss's charge attack or else it will be useless to try to recover.

Thus ends our guide on how to beat the butterfly of delirium in Code Vein, we hope it has been very useful for you and now that you know everything you need to know, we hope you can beat the butterfly of delirium in Code Vein easily.

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