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ClassiCube Guide How to Import & Export Maps and Texture packs

2019-05-20 23:14:36

Discover how to import and export maps and texture packages in ClassiCube.

How to download ClassiCube (Minecraft Classic Multiplayer)

How to modify launcher

If you are a fan of ClassiCube, the video game developed by ClassiCube Team and you want to modify the launcher, you must first go to the folder of your ClassiCube game. But if you dono't know how to get there, we'll show you how to do it in a series of simple steps.

1- You must find ClassiCube.

2- Right click and click Properties.

3- Then click on local files.

4- Finally click on Search local files and you're done.

If you want to import or export a map, you must go to the map folder. Well, all the maps saved from the game are automatically registered here.

Import maps

The game supports the extensions shown below:

.cw, .lvl, .dat and .fcm.

What you must do is drag the level file to the maps folder and in this way it'll be imported. If you want you can load the map in a single player by clicking on the loading level.

Exports maps

Enter a world for single player or multiplayer and click Save level. Once you have saved the level, go back to the maps folder and you'll be ready.

Addition and use of texture packages.

You should know that all textures packages that can be displayed in the game must be compressed (.zip format). Place the .zip in the texpacks folder.

Then install the compilerlos complements in the .dll extension. Download the .dll file from the add-in and then place it in the add-ons folder. Now, if the add-on has different installation requirements, follow its guidance.

Customer options

Check the options.txt file. This serves as an alternative to edit the options through the GUI of the game. In this file there is nothing you can not do from the game, except for some minor options.