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Clash of Clans season pass increases player

2019-04-11 21:31:18

Undoubtedly something that radically changes the video games are microtransactions, which come willing to want to seize the money of the players, but if we removed this, microtrasaccions have many good things. With now Clash of Clans, that typical Fortnite style, have added their first season pass, adding challenges and rewards to their freemium multiplayer mobile strategy and construction game.

And according to the market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the new season pass of Clash of Clans has been a total success and to increase players' spending by 145%.

Clash of Clans SEASON CHALLENGES Have Arrived! (New Update)

Clash of Clans introduces season pass

In the week prior to the implementation of the pass, Clash of Clans players spent an average of $ 1.6M per day for a total of $ 11 million gross. Since the Gold Pass was launched, player spending has increased to $ 3.9 million per day, for a weekly total of $ 27 million.

The new season pass is priced at $ 5 a month, and will provide daily challenges to its subscribers, plus there is also a free silver level that also offers daily and monthly challenges, but does not come with masks, rewards and other varied bonuses.

According to reports Clash of Clans has managed to raise an approximate of 5.5 million dollars since 2014, making micro-transactions very profitable for developers, and it would not be strange to see that in the future more freemiun videogames and payments begin to implement them as well.