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Chivalry 2 continues to give us interesting tasks which allows me to tell how to use oil pots.

What are oil pots in Chivalry 2?

  These are nothing more than an extremely interesting and useful ara that is present in this game, it is necessary to consider using them in order to frustrate enemies and for this it will be necessary to throw pots of oil at them, so that you know how to use oil pots leads us to locate them because these are usually a type of vessels that contain a flammable liquid inside, when using them the enemies must move away from us and as a consequence, they will avoid hitting us, they also have the ability to get 35 health damage.

How to use oil pots in Chivalry 2?

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    • It is necessary to take into account that this pot can be more favorable in Vanguard and Knight because the fire can pass over the armor.
    • This pot can do more damage through higher class resistors.
    • To access the oil pot in Caballero it is necessary to unlock the "Crusader" subclass and this implies having to press "L" either on the keyboard or in the "Change of Class" menu, located in the "Start Menu" , with which we get the pot to be equipped.
    • Launching the pot is usually done by pressing "G" either on the keyboard or by pressing the two bumpers on the shoulder of our command.
    • It is necessary to hold this pot for a very short time, otherwise it will force us to release it and this is not favorable for us.
    • It is necessary to launch the pot from about 15 feet away in the direction of the center of our view.
    • Once the oil pot falls, we will see that there is usually a great explosion and then it will cover the area.


    Definitely, knowing How to use oil pots offers us the opportunity to use an interesting weapon that is only available in Chivalry 2, give it a try.

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