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It is very important that now that Chivalry 2 has been released you know how to heal, so keep reading because that is what we will explain here.

What is Chivalry 2?

This is the newly released multiplayer hack and slash action video game, which has been developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Tripwire Interactive on June 8, 2021 as a sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, The game is now available for both users for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and for Xbox One and Series X and S users.

Taking into account that it is an action video game, there will be a lot of action in the game, so at some point you could find yourself on the brink of death, and you will have to find a solution to stay alive, that is why in the next article we will tell you how to heal. Fortunately the game has several healing options available and for that we are here, so stay tuned.

How to heal in Chivalry 2?

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    The most obvious form of healing in the game is with the use of the bandage item, of which you will have only one when starting a match, which you can use by pressing the D-pad upwards, which will allow you to use said bandage. It is very important that there is no one around you when you do this process, especially considering that in addition to having to survive the animation, the healing takes place over time and not automatically.

    Another form of healing is by consuming food, although these items are not found by default in the inventories, but you will have to find them on the maps and eat them to restore your health with the same conditions as for the bandage.

    The last method you have to heal yourself is by using special elements linked to certain subclasses. Such subclasses with access to a trumpet kit, banner, or bandage are capable of spreading healing as long as the bar associated with the item is fully charged and ready to use. Fortunately, the supportive nature of these subclasses does not limit healing to a single person, but they are also a form of mass healing.

    We hope that after reading this article on how to heal in Chivalry 2 2, you have quickly understood the healing process and all the methods that are at your disposal so that you can use the one that best suits you.

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