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With our help, you will see that knowing how to feint an attack is easier than you thought in Chivalry 2.

What to know about feigning an attack in Chivalry 2?

  It is a highly efficient movement when used correctly at the right time, for this it is important that we know how to do it and in this guide the necessary details will be presented, you just have to follow the content that follows.

How to fake an attack on Chivalry 2?

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    The feint consists of changing our movement before we hit the enemies, managing to mislead and have a window to give many more blows, to do it you have to start an attack, one for example, then instantly we use another attack, It is when our enemy becomes confused, something that works better for enemy counterattacks, now if our enemy is good at reading movements, it is ideal to mislead him with false attacks with feints, which will open the opportunity to attack him.

      Now that you know how to feint an attack, just go ahead and make the most of it for Chivalry 2 fun.

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