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We welcome you to our Chivalry 2 guide, where we will talk about How to defeat archers.

What to know about the archers in Chivalry 2?

  They are enemies that turn out to be a problem because of how little they are seen, this because they attack from the rear, killing those who are in full combat while they are far away and safe, then ending them can represent an obstacle, so to help us in How to defeat to the archers we can consider the following details.

How to defeat archers in Chivalry 2?

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    To defeat them we have to consider their attitudes, one of them is that they are focused on those in front, leaving their environment free, it is when we can flank them to defeat them, which if there is resistance we will achieve it, the detail is what to carry The flanking just isn't that simple, but we can kill them with a couple of attacks, if we can't reach them from either side we can go from the front, but using a shield, ideally a huge piece of wood that separates us from the shots of These, walking in their direction without problems and when we get closer we can get out of the obstacle, in case of not being able to overcome them we have to seek to be a natural enemy, that is to say in an archer, because they will be distracted with the enemies and they will forget about us achieving advantage of beating them before they focus on us.

      It is clear that knowing how to defeat archers allows us to have more fun in Chivalry 2.

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