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The possibility of defending ourselves comfortably in Carrión depends in some way on our defense and strength, let's see where to find DNA Abilities

What are the DNA abilities in Carrión for?

Normally abilities are fundamental elements in practically all games, but especially here we are offered the possibility of making our monster even more powerful and with this we are given more possibilities to progress to increase levels.

Where to find DNA Abilities in Carrión?

Skills are simply crucial and here we will describe each of them.

DNA skills description.
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    Photokinesis: This ability can be obtained in the Botanical Garden and allows us to make you invisible.

    Military scrapping of arachnids: this ability can only be used while in small form, it allows us to have the possibility of firing a red one that usually catches enemies.

    This ability has the ability to be used by the monster in all sizes, since we obtained it in Relith Science HQ whose effect is to take control of enemy units.

    This ability allows us to destroy vents, enemies and wooden walls, as it allows us to transform into a monster of a medium size, it is located in Las Minas de Uranio.

    Harpagorrea: This DNA ability can only activate when the monster is large, located in the Nuclear Power Plant, and has the ability to use sarcoid harpoons to drop objects.

    Hydrophilicity: This ability can be used by all sizes of the monster, it is located in the Arrangement Base and has the ability to transform a swarm of worms capable of swimming in narrow places.

    BSL-4 Parasitism: It has the ability to make us human for the player and is located in the Research Room.

    Acanthosis: This ability can be used by monsters of a medium size, it is located in the Levitan Reef Base, it has the ability to grow keratin.

    This DNA ability can simply be used by the largest monster, it is located in the armored war facility, it is highly resistant to damage caused by explosives.

    This is all we know about where to find DNA
    Abilities, as they are easily very useful and necessary to progress in Carrión.

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