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Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Warzone: How to Unlock Roze

2020-07-01 12:38:28

For you who are probably still wondering how to unlock Roze in Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Warzone, prepare a full article on this.

Who is Roze in Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Warzone?

It is one of the new operators of the game and it has been recently added, it is exactly the third and last operator of the fourth season and belongs to the Loyalty faction.

How to unlock Roze in Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Warzone?

In order to obtain the new operator we will have to buy the Roze Operator Bundle package in the in-game store and you must place it in the "Featured" or "Operators and identity" section.

The price of the package is still unknown, however, it is speculated that its price will be around 2,400 COD points, so it will be better if you prepare them.

The pack features Rose, a mask for her, a new ending move, and a new set of operator quests that allow you to get several more masks.

This ends this guide on how to unlock Roze in Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Warzone and now that you know who it is and have an idea of what it can cost, we recommend that you save up once the package is available you can buy it right away.

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