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Call Of Duty Mobile: all Vehicles Availlable

2019-06-14 14:39:40

These are all vehicles that will be available at Call Of Duty Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile, the next online multiplayer action game from Mobile Battle Royale for Android devices and also IOS Device.Game, will be loaded with new things, including vehicles. If you want to know what these vehicles are available in Call Of Duty Mobile, continue reading.

Importance of vehicles in Call Of Duty Mobile

In any game, even if it is a Battle Royal game, the vehicles play a very important role, since it is the means of transportation for any player, but not only serve to mobilize the players, since these also work as a kind of defense at the time of receiving an enemy hit like a gun shot. Knowing this, we can start with the list of available vehicles in Call Of Duty Mobile.

So far there are four main types of vehicles available in Call of Duty Mobile, which you can get around the maps. That's right, you can find all the vehicles in different Points on the map.

Call Of Duty Mobile.ATV
It is a fairly small, fast-speed two-seat vehicle, which offers basic protection against the enemy. So if an enemy points you, you can have only a little protection, although not everything is bad, this vehicle gives you good mobility in the game, it also provides hidden for the enemy, so you can use it to hide from the enemy.


It has four seats, it is a large capacity vehicle in
Call Of Duty Mobile, with which you can search for enemies on the map and attack them. The main advantage offered is that you can move anywhere with your complete equipment, since you do not need to carry another vehicle, in addition to offering against enemy blows. This vehicle is ideal for you if you play with the 4 VS 4 device.


This vehicle has three seats inside, provides more mobility, making it faster to move from one place to another. Its main benefit is that you can attack the enemy from the sky, giving you a great advantage over the rest of the players, since this way you can locate them on the map more easily.


You can get it at Call Of Duty Mobile by going to the beach. Although you will not get any car in this area, you can take the boat, this is just a vehicle you can use in the water and has four seats. With it you can move to other places from the water, you can make uses of the duo and squad game.

These would be all vehicles available in Call Of Duty Mobile.

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