2019-02-25 18:56:41

The new season was recently launched in Call of Duty's Blackout mode, and as usual, each season adds new changes to the map.

This new season of Operation Grand Heist is based on the quality of life and the attempt to differentiate the players making them motivate to explore more the environment in which they are.

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    Blackout shows us new locations, playable buildings and an important city that is adhered to the south side of Turbine.

    The blackout map in addition to adding a new city in the south of the Treyarch map added new playable structures on the map, but more precisely in areas that did not have much traffic because of the small amount of loot that was in them.

    In Blackout Map Ghost Town did a combination between multiplayer and zombies.

    This is also one of the new locations "Ghost Town" allowing to see an emergence of the multiplayer map, this new location is unique as it combines some Black Ops II maps of Call of Duty.

    On the other hand, the Buried Zombies Map is below the city.

    In Ghost Town, a weapon is also hidden, which in order to get you must finish a Black Ops II Easter Egg.

    In this location you can also find a lot of loot, but you should be alert or the adventure can become a pool of problems because many squads will surely want to come here.

    The location of map G1 and G2:

    They are located on the north side of the buildings of the Hydro Dam Control Center, and there are also some new buildings to explore and a quay along the river.

    The locations of the map C1, C2 and D1:

    They are located in the northeast corner of the map, has new buildings with several roof trees and added some details to the buildings that were already here.

    The location of the map C5:

    It is located east of the island of Nuketown, 4 new two-story buildings have been added.

    The location of the map D5:

    It is located in the southern area of ​​the shooting range and north of the Fracking tower, with new buildings in place, it also allows to pass from a landing location.

    The location of the D8 map:

    This map is on the southwest corner of the map, has 16 new houses which are not marked that are southeast of the lighthouse. It is an area that we find quite attractive, and it is most likely that it is here where the first confrontations of the game take place.

    The location of the map: F6:

    It has views of the factory, the small town on the banks of the river just to the north, will surely welcome many players who come from the Ghost Town, so if you get here, be alert because it can become another puddle of salse.

    The location of the G5 map:

    This new location is the union of the best of two worlds, is located between two trawling areas which are quite populated, but will also be a city that will serve as an umbrella for many of the squadrons that try to escape the storm. You will have a large amount of loot inside each building.

    But as we say, there is an area where it is likely that many squadrons meet here, it may be dangerous, because you will have to be alert while you walk around here.