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Bungie and Activision separate and thus self-publish Destiny

2019-01-12 02:49:14

Bungie and Activision send in their official website that are separated to make a new publication of the franchise Destiny with a blizzard symbol stock

Through a call of duty series on its official website the separation of these two companies for the publication of the Destiny franchise is that from now on the studio will begin to publish the popular 'shooter-looter', although they will respect the sheet of route that had been offered for Destiny 2 in the immediate future.

The companies will work so that the rights are as calm as possible.

Destiny to Be Self-Published by Bungie After Split from Activision

"We have enjoyed a successful eight-year adventure and we want to thank Activision for its collaboration with Destiny" can be read on the blog. "Looking forward, we are excited to announce that Activision will transfer publication rights to Bungie, with our great Destiny community, we are ready to publish on our own, while Activision will focus more on their own IPs."

For a message of tranquility closed the entrance for the followers of the science fiction series

Bungie splits from Activision, takes Destiny with it

The entrance closed with a message of tranquility for the followers of the science fiction series, indicating that we will see more than what has been announced so far. "With Destiny 2 online multiplayer game, the Renegades, we have learned, listened and we have leaned into what we believe our players expect from a great experience, they can rest assured, as there are more on the way" will be hidden object games, Meanwhile, the Americans say they will endeavor to enable a smooth transition.

After Activasion announced that D2 Forsaken in a call of duty initial sales expectations in the capital market activision joins a good list of movements in the upper echelons ending with the appointment of a new president. Bungie, joined forces with the company NetEas and prepare future projects, although it does not seem that this will be involved in any way in the future of Destiny

Destiny 2 is a direct sequel to Bungie's first-person action video game distributed by blizzard

Bungie Activision split bungie publishing destiny

The fantasy universe of the original delivery of 2014 presents a history of this episode expands by placing its proposed shooter after the attack on the last city on Earth at the hands of Ghau, the commander of the Red Legion of cabal. La Vanguardia, formed by the exo hunter Cayde-6, the human sorceress Ikora Rey and the sleepless titan Zavala, all these characters intends to gather the guardians to fight against the Darkness and recover the Traveler and his home after the Tower fell and a good part of the scheme that we knew as blizzard. After being the plot element one of the most criticized points of the original 2014 Destiny, in the American studio do not want to rest on their laurels and seek that, on this occasion, the strong presence of cinematic and a thread of script much more worked are elements that give strength and interest to a shooter that, for the rest, has impeccable mechanics for the shootings.

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