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We welcome you to our Breathedge guide, where we will talk about How to find glass.

What is glass used for in Breathedge?

  It is a craft material that is required in multiple recipes, where something as valuable as the helmet can be included, only that getting it requires some prerequisites, such as having extra oxygen, alcohol and a potholder that allows take this crystal, taking this into account we can have more details regarding How to find glass, we just have to closely follow what is offered by this guide and its content, let's see.

How to find glass in Breathedge?

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    Certainly resources play a fundamental role in survival games, because the creation of new objects depends on these, floating in the vacuum of space we have to find glass, our first step to continue being sure of having the necessary oxygen, considering 4 candles of this, a minimum alcohol and a grabber, the next thing is to leave the ship to look for the refrigerant current that we have closer, the idea is to fly through the current using the alcohol or through the heaters that are located in this current, managing to have a medium that will take us to the location of the glass.

     There are some signals that come from a modest shuttle that are destroyed, noting some floating balls that look like ice, these are smaller and an intense blue, it is necessary that we use the appropriate tool to take the crystals, it can be a clamp or any other, once we take what is necessary we only return the same way, taking into account avoiding the refrigerant, this is a trip that we may have to do on several occasions, glass being so necessary for so many recipes, but there are others resources that we must consider such as oxygen, it is something so valuable that it has to be used with caution and makes our work easier.

     In conclusion, knowing How to find glass is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as Breathedge.

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