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Delve into the universe of Breath Of The Wild, because today we are going to tell you Where to Find Moldugas.

What to know about the Moldugas in Breath Of The Wild?

They are one of the monsters in the game, they are powerful and difficult to defeat, but if you do, you would be earning an interesting reward, which will make many of us look for them, we can certainly fall for a Molduga with ease, so it is ideal that We are well-prepared to approach these creatures when facing them, only we must know Where to Find Moldugas, and we have it resolved in the next content of this guide, let's see it.

Where to Find Moldugas in Breath Of The Wild?

In the search for answers about Where to Find Moldugas in Breath Of The Wild, we have a total of 4 to find, they appear during each blood moon, they are in the Gerudo desert, south of the Gerudo city, being ideal to go to places like the Toruma Dunes near the Tho Kaya Shrine, the Arbiter's Ground east of the Great Fairy Fountain, the southern oasis south of the Sand Seal Gathering and north of the Dragon's Exile west of the concentration of the sand seal, certainly there are many types of monsters apart in the desert, one of them being the electric Lizalfos, which become a nuisance, which will make it necessary to eliminate the small ones first to face the big one in the end.

We have to know Where to Find Moldugas, it is ideal to have the best armor that we can find in Breath Of The Wild, this being the Snowquil set in the Rito village for the purchase, the Desert Voe armor that is difficult to find, being necessary to go to the secret Gerudo club or convincing Rhondson to go to the Tarrey village, to help us there are also some objects such as the sapphire necklace that we can counteract the heat, it has a cost of 800 rupees and 3 sapphires, the ruby ​​necklace that helps us against the cold, has a cost 500 rupees and 3 sapphires, these are sold in the town of Gerudo, at Starlight Memories.
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    Once we know Where to Find Moldugas, it is appropriate to have the best weapons to cause damage, this considering that being close to them, we can be forcefully injured, the appropriate weapons are bows, having as the ideal in Breath Of The Wild, the one corresponding to that of Wild Lynel , with which we will shoot 3 times with the consumption of a single arrow, causing base damage to 32, the bow of the eagle and the bow of the lynx also shoot 3 times for each shot, only that the damage to these are of 28 and 20 in a row, it is difficult to find these weapons, because it is necessary to defeat the linears, and it is not easy, the common bows are the old bow that causes 44 damage, it is obtained in the old technology laboratory of Akkala for 1000 rupees, 15 ancient springs, 10 ancient gears and a power core, the royal bow that deals 38 damage is dropped by high-level monsters and Lizal's steel bow that deals 36 damage falls from it. You Lizalfos, it is possible to see the damage with the bomb arrows boosted, but it is something that is very expensive.

    Certainly we are in the Gerudo desert, here the temperatures are extreme, it is important to consider foods that resist this temperature, despite being able to cook it is not ideal, because it is something that takes a lot of time to solve Where to Find Moldugas in Breath Of The Wild, it is ideal The use of armor to face the temperatures, cooking food that allows us to boost our statistics, defense, power and speed, something necessary in the confrontations with Moldugas, the cooked dishes that the extra hearts provide us will be very helpful.

    The Moldugas are under the sand, they can attack us without us noticing their steps, while they are buried it is not possible to damage them in Breath Of The Wild, so a bait is of great help to get them out, for this we place and throw objects such as barrels, shields and more about the rocks calling your attention, but the resources for it are scarce, and we cannot cause much impact, then we can opt for another option of greater effectiveness, which is to put ourselves in the sand and wait for it to come for us, we will notice a question mark that helps us to know Where to Find Moldugas, when this creature finds us we will see a change in the sign, now it will be an exclamation mark, before it attacks us we will use the gale of Revali shooting in the air attacking from above with our bow and arrow during the moment of the creature's leap.

    In conclusion, knowing Where to Find Moldugas is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Breath Of The Wild.

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