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Borderlands 3: where to find the typhon logs

2019-09-16 16:04:00

Surely one of your challenges in Borderlands 3, is to know where to find the typhon logs, in this guide we will guide you on how to find them more easily and quickly.

Every time you advance in Borderlands 3, and travel through its different worlds, you discover that each one has its own objects and variety of collections, in the same way you will observe the different types of challenges in crews that you usually have to face if your desire is to achieve The maximum record of the game, so you need to knowwhere to find the typhon logs.

Where to find the typhon logs in Borderlands ?

The first thing you should do in Borderlands 3 is to head west of The Droughts, when you get there mark the route to the north starting the main camp, you have to look for and get giant bones that are out of the ground, being there you will get the Typhoon log right next to an old terminal bus on the banks of the cliff.

How to get to Typhoon registration in Borderlands 3?

First you have to move to the southwest at the corner of the map. When you get there, you will see several rocky cliffs, you have to look between the cliffs until you spot one that has a ramp, this leads you to the top. When you go up you have to reach the final mission of the story, during that mission you will approach a building called Dahl Orbital Control.

You are going to walk to the stairs and you climb through them, you are going to look at a hole in the wall passing through this, when you cross the hole you will fall right next to a very large machine, cross that area towards a light that It is observed outside, you should look for a trunk that is very close to the cliff, just there is the place to find typhoon records.

This is it, we hope this guide has been useful in Borderlands 3, you know where to find the typhon logs, remember each of the places to go to get there, any questions visit us again.

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