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Borderlands 3: Where to Find All Mayor’s Killer Look - Moxxi’s Heist

2019-12-24 08:10:29

Today we arrived with a Borderlands 3 guide where our goal is to talk to you about where to find the mayor's murderous looks.

 It is good to know that with the download of Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, we are presented with other challenges and useful elements to achieve in Borderlands 3, some are simple, others not so many, and among those complexes we find the murderous looks of the mayor.

Where to find the all-assassin looks of the mayor at Borderlands 3?

Knowing where to find the mayor's murderous looks is one of the challenges that are present due to the new download of Moxxi's Heist from Mayor's Looks, as this is a somewhat complex task, `since, these do not appear on the map but until finally the mayor has joined two thirds of our group, along the path of the history mission of the DLC, because it requires killing special enemies in certain places.

The first option we need to execute is undoubtedly combing the area, because with this we arrive at the location of our goal, this tends to be somewhat tedious, but it is a worthwhile effort, it is good to keep in mind that knowing where Finding all the mayor's murderous looks has its benefits, because when you get them after killing the enemies, we will get rewards and these are different and interesting items, so let's give you all the details of these locations.

The mayor's first murderous look: this first look is achieved by knocking down Evil Saint Lawrence, because this is an enemy that comes out of a blind that is before reaching the wall, with the aim of attacking us and this is where we will tear it down, and It is located in the south of the upper level of the area, specifically in the Spendoption Market District, so we find the first look, but we still have others, so knowing where to find the mayor's killer looks becomes like a activity quite moved in Borderlands 3.

Second murderous look of the mayor: to get this look it is necessary to lower it from the ceiling, since it is located in a stony area, where a smaller section is open in the front, if we have some patience we can see how it emerges from a pool of water the Junpi Goat Eater, after a few seconds, to reach this location it is necessary to reach the Velvet Shuffle rapid travel station, because from there we will move exactly to the isolated portion of the spa that is in the Vice District of Sendoption, so that we can delete this goal from the list.

Third murderous look of the mayor: to get this look it is necessary to kill DEGEN- 3 this is an enemy that will emerge, because this occurs after interacting with the yellow door that has a green outline and the only way to get here is moving from the Beggar's Berth rapid travel station, and heading north, because there we arrive at an area called Impound Deluxe, which we can see, is in the upper right corner of the map at Borderlands 3.

Fourth murderous look of the mayor: this is perhaps the most expensive that we get so knowing where to find all the murderous looks of the mayor, it can be somewhat complex, here we need to make a payment for 72,250 dollars, because this is a fee to pass the door and move on to where the section I was watching is, because in this place where we find an enemy whose name is Georgeous Armada, who goes down without major inconvenience and we must eliminate it to achieve our goal, to reach the location that is the area From Compactor to the northeast of Trashlantics, we have to be at the Trashlantics rapid travel station and go to the northeast of Cubeland, and continue, since we must go north in such a way that we can reach a narrow road and it is there that after turn right we find the happy door through which we will have to cancel the high sum of money.

Fifth and last murderous look of the mayor: to get this look it is necessary to activate a special enemy called Loco Chantelle, to get there we will have to go to the upper corner of the room, because there is the last rapid travel station of the zone, because the location of this look is in the area of ​​the VIP Tower.

The articles that we will obtain for getting the looks are several elements, among which there are hairstyles, skins and head objects, but they are only articles, since they do not present any relevant impact in terms of combat skills, as you will see where to find the all eyes murderous of the mayor, leads us to mobilize for various areas with a single purpose and with certain benefits that allows us to make the challenges do not become boring in Borderlands 3.

 Finally talking about where to find the mayor's murderous looks, leads us to explore other areas of the game and this makes Borderlands 3 quite attractive.

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
Action role-playing, first-person shooter
Gearbox Software
2K Games, Humble Store, Stadia
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
13 September 2019
Single-player, multiplayer

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