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Borderlands 3: The Best Vault Hunter - choose your favorite

2019-09-13 19:00:20

In this guide we will tell you who is the best vault hunter in Borderlands 3.

What are the new characters of Borderlands 3?

As we already mentioned in other of our guides, the first-person shooter presents four new playable characters Zane the Operative, FL4K the Beastmaster, Mozethe Gunner and Amara the Siren. These characters play differently than the previous Vault Hunters.

Fortunately we have prepared this guide so that you are well prepared and know who is the best or who suits you best to play, because we will tell you a little about each character so you know who is the best vault hunter.

Who is the best vault hunter in Borderlands 3?

Next, we describe a bit the abilities of each character, however, we will not determine exactly who is who is the best vault hunter in Borderlands 3 because not really everyone may like the abilities of one character and prefer another. However, with the description you can determine who is who is the best vault hunter in Borderlands 3 for you and get the most out of that character.

    Zane, the Operative.

We do not like the word campero, although it really has nothing wrong, but we prefer to call it shadow players or ninja players. If what you like is stealth then this character is for you. A character that reminds us of Zer0 who was in the previous title.

In Zane's case, he has the ability to summon a holographic projection of himself to deceive his enemies and confuse them, allowing him to escape in hot situations. But you don't need to escape if you don't want to do it, you can also summon a force field to protect yourself wherever you are. Or you can also use a drone to further confuse your enemies.

What we don't like about Zane is that he can't reposition himself properly during a fight, so you'll want to be accompanied preferably.

    FL4K, the Beastmaster.

If you like to walk alone, but dealing damage with the help of a friend, this is the perfect character for you. Fl4k features a series of seven perfect guns with the perfect sniper option for remote shooting.

While you are at a safe distance shooting in sniper mode, you can send any of your three pets to help you in the fight. The pets change according to the tree you take down and will have different abilities each, you will have Jabber Sidekick for the Stalker tree, Centurion Spiderant for the Hunter tree and Guard Skag for the Master tree.

FL4K is perfect for a single objective, in addition to having an excellent ability to make critical hits and with pets it really is a very good character.

    Moze, the Gunner.

If yours is always at the forefront in the first line of battle working to contain the enemy, then this character is perfect for you. Moze belongs to the case gunners, this means that if someone has to use the heaviest and most dangerous weapons in the team, that is Moze, having the ability to assume the role of tank.

Moze has a super mobile turret to which you can add an infinite number of specific weapons through skill trees, from grenade launchers, cannons or any weapon you can loot. And considering its power and that it is perfect to always be in front, you can use its explosions to exterminate the enemy in the blink of an eye.

     Amara, the Siren.

The first thing you will know about this character is that there are only six sirens in the game universe, so feel happy in case you choose Amanda. Mermaids are a group of women very adorned with colorful tattoos and full of rare powers. Besides that Amanda has a reputation for being complicated. This is because Amanda is perfect for direct combat or melee.

Amanda has the ability to summon six magical arms that surround her and fight the enemy with her, in addition to having the ability to fight any enemy.

Now that you know them, who is the best Borderlands 3 vault hunter for you?

This is how we finalize our guide on who is the best vault hunter, we hope it will be very useful for you and take full advantage of Borderlands 3 with it now that it has been officially released.

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