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Borderlands 3: how to get the Eridian fabricator

2019-09-19 19:47:09

This time our Borderlands 3 guide, aims to help you get Eridian fabricator, you may not use it with the bad guys but it is important for your level.

As you know, in Borderlands 3, we are always surprised with very interesting thing that appears in a playthrough, many powerful and secret weapons, hidden booties, extremely dangerous bosses and warriors and stop telling, this time our task is to get Eridian fabricator, for what we will tell you how to do it.

How to get Eridium in Borderlands 3

Before looking for the manufacturer of Eridian, you must collect an amount of Eridium since everything can not be free, fortunately it is easy to get it you just have to explore the different areas available in Borderlands 3, you will get them in the form of colored rocks purple, you can also get them in the dead Claptrap locations, another way is to look for collectibles they can give you Eridium.

How to get Eridian fabricator in Borderlands 3

Get Eridian fabricator is not as difficult as it seems, you just have to follow your journey in the history missions, in your journey you will find a point called Step by Step of Giants, just in this mission you will get an NPC that is with the manufacturer of Eridian, once you find him he will shoot it so that you observe it in exchange for Eridium, then you have to be his partner in a mission.

Fortunately after completing this mission, as a reward and gratitude from his company he will give it to you, from there the manufacturer of Eridian is all his, you can use it as you want as long as you have Eridium available, it is very interesting to be able to create and get the weapons you want according to the level, the secret is as soon as Eridium you have stored.

You already know how to get Eridian fabricator, we hope that our guide of Borderlands 3, has been very useful, do not forget to have stored Eridium, enough to give it to the NPC and to be able to use the manufacturer later.

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