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Borderlands 3: How to Get Lucky 7 Legendary Pistol - Moxxi’s Heist Guide

2019-12-23 10:17:53

Among the new features in Borderlands 3 we will explain how to get the Lucky 7 Legendary Pistol.

Thanks to the new addition of the DLC in Borderlands 3 The Moxxi Handsome Robbery we find a weapon that is classified as legendary, because it treats nothing more and nothing less than the Jakobs gun.

How to get the legendary Lucky 7 Pistol in Borderlands 3?

We get this gun by defeating Scraptrap Prime, because this has the possibility of obtaining this artifact, because this is the first boss we met, and this happens during the mission of one man's Treasure, in the history of the Moxxi heist

What are the advantages of getting the Lucky 7 Legendary Pistol in Borderlands 3?

This gun has some similarity with the rollers of the slot machines, so it is evident the 5 slots it has due to the results it has.

The gun can be placed in a normal state when it is designated by the trash cans with skis in the slots, as this is done by changing the Lucky 7 guns or simply going down to fight for our lives.

Lucky has the ability to shoot in a unique way, causing enemies to be torn apart like a wrecking ball.

It features an explosive bullet type slot, either normal or simply purple.

It tends to be decided by the RNG, because if the bullet is fired very similar to a shotgun as the Maggie is, it can work as a Torgue weapon in a regular or boring way, as it has explosive shots.

Lucky can be a really great piece of weaponry.

This is a weapon we can get in the 48th level of the game.

It's good to know that this flexible gun has been created for the construction of Moze's bottomless magazines, since it doesn't need to be reloaded and offers excellent results.

As you can see, knowing how to get the Lucky 7 Legendary Pistol, makes this game more and more interesting, because we have reasons to play Borderlands 3.

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
Action role-playing, first-person shooter
Gearbox Software
2K Games, Humble Store, Stadia
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
13 September 2019
Single-player, multiplayer

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