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Borderlands 3: How to fix lag - tips and tricks

2019-09-16 16:20:01

We have prepared a guide for you to learn how to fix lag in Borderlands 3.

Although it is a game that was released very recently, new Borderlands 3 users have agreed on the same thing, the game is very late and in effect, it does. While many users have been complaining in the official thread to report errors in Reddit of the game, we have hit the spot and we have achieved the solution.

But what is this all about?

What about the delay in Borderlands 3?

It is a delay due to a sudden frame drop. The frames are what determine the speed with which a task is performed, making the game lock and impossible to play.

This is something that can happen in almost any title and depends on several factors, fortunately in this guide you will learn how to fix the delay that Borderlands 3 has.

How to fix lag in Borderlands 3?

The first thing we can recommend is that you restart the game, in case this does not result in any positive results, we recommend restarting the computer.

If this does not work, it may be something deeper that is affecting performance, in this sense you will have to check the graphics drivers for updates and keep them up to date on that aspect.

Changing the region to one closest to yours can also help.

If you are in a cooperative game you can turn your internet router off and on again.

You can also downgrade your graphics settings if your frames are low.

You still can't see an improvement? In that case we recommend you wait a bit, maybe it's the game and you have to wait for a new update with lower graphics settings.

We hope that with all this information you can fix the lag in Borderlands 3 or that the developers bring a quick solution to this problem.

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