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Borderlands 3: How to duel - tips and tricks

2019-09-13 18:46:32

This time our Borderlands 3 guide, has as main objective to teach you how to duel in the game, to do this follow our tips and tricks below.

 In Borderlands 3, you will get a new duel mode that opens all the possibilities to be played by the 4 players in multiplayer mode, it becomes very fun since they would all have to fight for the same goal, the duels are not very durable , only in a few seconds should it end because the arms shields can be reloaded considerably, if you do not know here we explain how to duel.

How to duel in Borderlands 3

Usually in Borderlands 3, duels are mandatory, this is because there is a shared loot and only obtained if everyone accepts this mode, it would be an extra experience you need.

 Now if you want to know how to duel, follow the steps below: find one of your Vault Hunter teammates, then press the melee button and attack him, if he responds by returning the taque you will see on the heads a dome, from that moment they will face a duel, this is it and may the best man win.
Thank you for choosing us, we hope our guide has been helpful to you in Borderlands 3, now you know how to duel in the game, we advise you to be prepared before inviting a duel so that you avoid being defeated.

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