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Borderlands 3: how to complete all Side Quests - tips and tricks

2019-09-16 18:14:15

You want to learn how to complete all side quests in Borderlands 3. Then don't miss any details of this section.

Borderlands 3 offers various side missions to complete. In doing so you receive rewards such as weapons, cosmetics or money. To help you achieve these goals, we have brought you a series of directions that will help you complete all side quests, so check out.

How to complete all side quests in Borderlands 3?

In Borderlands 3 you must complete all side quests, as shown below in order to be victorious in the game:

Powerful connections

Your mission here will be to talk to Marcus about his ammunition vending machine located in the region of planet Droughts. This mission belongs to Level 2. Once you have spoken with Marcus, you should follow the yellow wire, as you will need a fuse to repair the machine. So explore the area until you find the backbone of a Skag. After that you should insert a viola instead of a fuse. Once you complete the mission you will get $ 225 and masks in the form of rewards.

Dump on Dumptruck

Secondary mission of level 4. In it you should talk to Ellie in the Droughts, only then can you start the mission. In order to reach the Holy Dumptruck residence, you must get into a vehicle and jump down the ramp. Then you must eliminate your target by shooting him in the back. Once that is done, try to hit the two eyes of the bull in the area, in this way you can access the chest. If you manage to execute everything successfully, you will receive a $ 377 reward for your achievement.

Bad reception

This belongs to Level 5, there you should talk with Claptrap about its broken antenna, which is located in the Drought region, this will start the mission. Once you have started the adventure, you will have to go to different areas, this in order to collect pieces to replace the old antenna. Upon arrival you must jump and press the button to be able to duck, this will open the trapdoor, so you can pick up the wire hook that is located inside.

Then go to the main building in the area to shoot the satellite dish, so you can grab the antenna. Later from there, you will have to go to Old Shack and slide under the door. When you are finally inside, you must eliminate a Tiny Badass to take the umbrella from the bathroom. Once the above is done you should go to the Spark Cave. There you will have the task of shooting the bull's eye to get rid of the electric field and get the enemy's Spork.

Finally you must enter Sid's stop and talk to him to destroy three satellite dishes. In doing so, the next step will be to kill him to get the foil hat, this will be the last part you need. When you have all the items, you will have to return to Claptrap, only then will you complete this mission and in return you will receive $ 422 as a reward.

Head case

You are halfway through completing all the Borderlands 3 side missions. To begin the Level 6 mission, you will have to talk to Vaughn in Ascension Bluff. Take the head and move it to a nearby shed, this in order to access the simulation. Once there, you will have to collect 4 memory fragments, when you get them, you will find Vic, so interact, this will bring enemies from all sides and the Interrogator. Try all of them to be able to follow Vic to a panel, only then can you get out of the simulation. In doing so you will be able to complete the mission obtaining as reward $ 473 and a random fall of weapons.

Under taker

Secondary mission of Level 7, you are almost ready to complete all the side missions of Borderlands 3. To begin this mission you can do it from the Bounty Board in Droughts. There you will only have to kill the target enemy to loot the area, by completing your task you will be rewarded with $ 530 and a rare weapon.

Skag dog days

This secondary mission is also level 7, start by talking with Frank on the highway in the droughts. Remove a Badass Varkid. By doing so and being inside the trailer, you can find the Big Succ inside a box, which you should use to get x5 Cactus Fruit and 5x Skag Meat for Frank.

Finally you will have to eliminate succulent Alpha Skag in a nearby cave. At this point you will have to travel to Droughts, Highwa in order to eliminate the thief Mincemeat and his pets Trufflemunch and Buttmunch. Collect your meat and return to Chef Frank, so you can complete the mission and be rewarded with $ 795 and Eridium.

Golden Calves

This secondary mission belongs to Level 8, in this instance you will be nowhere to complete all the secondary missions of Borderlands 3. To do this, you must travel to the Holy Broadcast Center and interact with a VOC statue. There you will have to find Vaughn posters and take them to the 3D printing mill. Then, in the Ascension Bluff region there will be the posters you need surrounded by VOC enemies, go there and get them. Then you will have to transfer them to the 3D printing mill, ending all the adversaries that are in the area to be able to print the Vaughn statues.

After that, all that would remain pending would be to find VOC statues, so shoot them and replace them with Vaughn's statues. Finally he returns to Vaughn in the Droughts and completes the secondary mission to receive $ 445 and a rare Shield.

This is how you can complete all side quests in Borderlands 3, so now it's your turn to try.

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