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Borderlands 3: How to beat Dinklebot - tips and tricks

2019-09-18 14:56:41

The present Borderlands 3 guide, is very timely for those players who want to know how to beat Dinklebot, here we leave you some very effective tips and tricks.

As we have seen in Borderlands 3, Easter eggs have been incorporated, which have been very experienced in video games, this time you must know how to beat Dinklebot in the game, so you must first get this secondary mission inside of the game.

How to find / get the Dinklebot side mission in Borderlands 3?

There are several ways to unlock this secondary mission of Dinklebot in Borderlands 3, depending on the ability of the players can be unlocked at very different times between one player and another, but the most common is when you have reached Skywell-2, others they have achieved precisely in the Notice Board in the Sanctuary.

Now to get unlock this secondary mission, you must go to the chest that you unlock with Gold Keys, you will just get it in front, you will observe a yellow exclamation mark if a secondary mission is available, so you must be Visiting this site often. When you are lucky enough to get it, accept it and start your mission, it is very likely that you will find it when you are close to level 20, now you just have to know how to beat Dinklebot.

How to beat Dinklebot in Borderlands 3?

The first thing you should do is get the secondary mission in Borderlands 3, as we told you before, after this you have to get to Skywell-27, then you have to locate Dinklebot, you have to be prepared before making the decision to face it, It has a yellow health bar and a large protective shield.

This warrior will have many more elements that he will not hesitate to use in his defense and attack you, so try to be wasted and then attack him with shots to harm him, especially you can eliminate him using your Action skills. You already know how to beat Dinklebot, be attentive since once destroyed it will drop a legendary object known as Loot-o-Gram, pick it up to take it to Crazy Earl and in this way you can get the white booty.

This is all for the moment, we hope that our guide of Borderlands 3, has been useful, you know how to beat Dinklebot, do not forget to shoot him very often and finish it off with your action skill.

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