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Borderlands 2: How to Get the Unicornsplosion Rainbow Shotgun

2019-06-21 18:30:43

We had previously talked about how to get the Rainbow Toothpick gun in Borderlands 2. But this time we have prepared a guide to tell you how to get the Unicornplosion rainbow shotgun. The Unicornsplosion rainbow shotgun also belongs to the most recent DLC update in Borderlands 2, which comes just a few months after the official premiere of the Borderlands 3 successor.

The rainbow shotgun of Unicornsplosion is a very powerful weapon and therefore one of the most sought after weapons by the players. This shotgun is capable of firing explosive Butt Stallions unlike other shotguns in Borderlands 2.

Without much more chat we leave you what you want, then our guide in which we tell you in detail how to get the rainbow shotgun of Unicornsplosion.

How To Get The Unicornsplosion From Butt Stallion. Borderlands 2

How to get the Rainbow Unicornsplosion Shotgun in Borderlands 2.

In order to get the rainbow shotgun of Unicornsplosion in Borderlands 2 you will have to complete two missions regardless of the order in which you do it.

One of the missions that you have to complete, is the mission "The Amulet" of Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. You have to complete it obligatorily to get the reward.

To get the reward of this mission you will have to go to the lair of the infinite agony in the DLC Assault on Dragon Keep of Tiny Tina, look for Mr. Miz and when you find him you will have to buy The Amulet.

The other mission you have to complete is called "My Brittle Pony", which you can access after you enter the area of ​​Helios Fallen.

As we already mentioned, it does not matter what order you make to complete these two Borderlands 2 missions, the important thing is that you complete them and get the Amulet to be able to get the Rainbow Unicornsplosion shotgun.

After completing the two missions and have the Amulet in your power and you have to feed Butt Stallion with Eridium to get the rainbow shotgun Unicornsplosion Borderlands 2. If you are playing a cooperative game every player will have to feed Butt Stallion on their own if he wants to receive the weapon.

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