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Borderlands 2: How to Beat Haderax the Invincible and Get Toothpick Assault Rifle

2019-06-20 15:49:30

There are already many players who are having trouble selling Hederax the invincible Borderlands 2, and that is really not an easy task. Knowing how to beat Hederax the invincible Borderlands 2 is proving to be very complicated for the players of the first-person shooter.

Even attacking your weak point is complicated because it is difficult to see because it is in the back of your head, plus it can regenerate your life and can have an amazing speed that complicates things even more.

So we have prepared a guide in which we tell you how to beat Haderax the invincible in Borderlands 2, this is one of the best methods we have tried and the best results to beat Haderax the invincible in Borderlands 2 has delivered.

Borderlands 2- How To EASILY Beat Haderax The Invincible

How to beat Haderax the invincible in Borderlands 2.

The first thing you'll have to do to beat Haderax the invincible in Borderlands 2 is find a party (and no, do not think we're going to party and leave the mission aside), You need to find a party in Borderlands 2 to put in motion a trick of harassment against Haderax the invincible.

After activating the trick of histigamiento you will have to activate the fight with the boss, try to attack the weak point behind his head when he makes a blow attack and when he opens his mouth shoot him, this is also a weak point of this boss of Borderlands two.

If you are playing with a party you can use the platforms that are on the battlefield to place players of your team in one of them causing the boss to launch a blow attack on the player who is on the platform, giving opportunity for The rest of your team can hit the back of your head and weaken it quickly. Use your assault rifle to shoot inside the boss's mouth whenever you can, inflicting as much damage on the weak points of the boss, trying to evade their attacks and you can weaken it little by little until exterminate it.

Get Toothpick Assault Rifle

We recommend using the assault rifle "Toothpick", which we had talked about recently in a weapon guide for Borderlands 2. It is a very good element against bosses or large numbers of enemies that are lying in wait.

This rifle an incredible accuracy of 100% and inflicts an incredible amount of damage, making it perfect to shoot at the weak points and be able to beat Haderax the invincible

You can get the assault rifle Toothpick from sandworms and sandworm queens, as long as you have not killed them before clear, otherwise you'll have to grow them if you want to get the toothpick. Although you can also get by completing the search "Hunting is Vaughn."

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