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Bless Unleashed: How to Defeat Wolf King - Tips and tricks

2019-07-16 19:36:24

 Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know to defeat the Wolf King, first field manager in Bless Unleashed.

Who is and why defeat the Wolf King in Bless Unleashed.

This is a powerful boss who is in command of a horde of wolves that has plagued the Acre Green farmlands and killed the cattle. For this reason your mission will be to find and defeat the Wolf King so that the farmers and farmers can rest easy.

How to defeat the Wolf King in Bless Unleashed.

Undoubtedly the best form of protection with this and all the bosses, is nothing and nothing less than dodging their attacks, this will allow you to take advantage of certain moments to dodge and attack quickly to go adding points in favor to defeat the Wolf King in Bless Unleashed .

At one point in the battle this boss will roar by activating a quick time event where you will have to complete the entry of the button fast enough, if you do not succeed the boss will attack you instantly and will do you a powerful damage.

But not according to this boss will call his horde of wolves in Bless Unleashed to attack you so you'll also have to take care of them and exterminate it as fast as you can so as not to lose so much life in the battle. The number of wolves will depend on the number of players who are fighting with the same boss.

To defeat the Wolf King you will need to have a good level of health, so you will want to use the pyre of souls that is nearby to heal your wounds, being close to the magical flames will make your health recover too. Staying seated will increase your speed, just be alert not to be surprised by any of your wolves in Bless Unleashed.

Keep in mind that in order to finish this boss you will have to stay within the combat range to prevent the battle from restarting.