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Bleeding Edge: How to use other Character

2020-03-26 12:23:44

We have made a Bleeding Edge guide for you where we will explain how to use other character

  Entering a fight can become a complex matter, therefore some needs to change the character arise in order to avoid losing.

How to use other character in Bleeding Edge?

To change the character we must bear in mind that we could be limited because normally here it is not allowed to generate duplicates, which means that we cannot align the full team of ZeroCools or Maeves, allowing whoever wants to play like us simply will not be able to do so, since it will be in the obligation to have to resign.

To change the character it is necessary to locate ourselves in the reproduction area and go running if it is what we want because we must do it while we are in the middle of the combat or simply when we die, to make the change of character it is necessary to press H or up with the D- pad so that the character can appear on the screen, so that we can choose to select a fighter, as well as one of his two supers, we can choose to change supers, in order not to have to generate any alteration while we are playing Well, this can bring us inconvenience.

 In this way we can finish our guide, now that you know how to use other character it's just a matter of trying to make your fight in Bleeding Edge more interesting.

Xbox One, Windows 10 PC
Team brawler
Ninja Theory
Xbox Game Studios
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
24 March 2020
age rating:

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