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Blasphemous: How to Beat the Ten Piedad - tips and tricks

2019-09-16 17:26:56

Surely you have wondered how to Beat the Ten Piedad in Blasphemous, fortunately you are in the right place, in this guide we will give you the best tricks to beat them easier.

In Blasphemous, you are going to get one of the most imposing bosses of the game, it is a rather rare species, it seems a combination of Groot with a goat, it is one of the ones that you will get at the beginning of the game but it becomes a deadly challenge for Several players, who in their moments need our help, here we will tell you how to Beat the Ten Piedad.

Where to find the Ten Pieta in Blasphemous?

You will get it at the bottom of Mercy Dreams area, you have to get to your altar, then cross to your left and just at the foot of a statue you will see Ten Piedad sleeping. You must be very careful because this individual has very powerful and destructive attacks, fortunately it is slow; this lets you dodge his attacks easily; all you need to know is what are its most frequent attacks, but if you want to know how to Beat the Ten Piedad We will tell you next.

How to beat Ten Pieta in Blasphemous?

In Blasphemous, it is not so easy to defeat this beast, for its attacks, one of its common attacks in the game is a simple slide, when you observe that it kneels, be careful it is about to launch its attack, dodge it and once Start getting up, attack him with everything you can. Ten Piedad is often going to spit seeds from very thorny bushes, when you see that he is going to spit the seeds it is the right time for you to attack him, but do not concentrate much since if you neglect you will get caught and he will destroy you, so Try to clear as much as you can with your sword.

You will see in some moments the opportunity in which the seeds of Ten Piedad hit the wall and become harmless, when this happens, it is the right time to cut them along with their spines and open a good space where you can move. Following the advice of How to Beat the Ten Piedad, sometimes he does not kneel to hit you but he will simply hit the ground with his foot, you have two options left to run away if you are near or you slide under it and just It hits your leg while you slide, but it is risky since the blow of the foot would be fatal if it grabs you.

Once this Blasphemous monster hits the ground the roots sprout immediately, you have to be in constant motion since the roots are in the same battle area, at the beginning of the fight Ten Piedad only has two roots, but when it suffers several wounds will have three, so with your movements and very pending on the ground you can dodge them.

The most dangerous attack of this Blasphemous animal, is precisely when he turns around, looks at the camera and raises his fists above his head, just hits the ground with his fists and this will attract more roots, the main difference of the roots of the stomping and the fist is that those of the blow of the fists leave in specific places of Ten Piedad that protect it, at that time it will have three roots and as you go and Ten is badly injured it produces five roots, so it will be harder to attack.

Perhaps you are asking yourself again, but How to Beat the Ten Piedad, well you already have made some good progress, you must continue at the moment that this enemy hits the ground with his fists it will take a few seconds to stand up, it is time for him Attacks again, if you are close, get under your legs and attack it twice but be careful with the roots, if you can't do anything you must flee before the roots catch you, and you attack it with a prayer or prepare a special attack If you have it available.

According to your movements and attacks, if executed with confidence, in a short time you  will defeat it. Another of the tricks that you should keep in mind in Blasphemous is the following, try talking to the woman outside the Ten Piedad arena, if you do you will have her help, she can heal you health during the fight, Keep in mind that this monster's attacks are extremely dangerous if she is a great relief to regenerate you after an attack.

If the woman is helping you and in a moment is very hurt, try to survive away from the roots and Ten Piedad while she prepares the healing spell that lasts a few seconds. Finally and unfortunately if you did not find a way to beat the Ten Pieta, and you have died in the battle your guilt will be waiting for you in the sand, but we recommend you wait to be hurt, after that you can recover your guilt so that you reward yourself with some health for free, fortunately you will need it.

Thank you for following us, we hope this guide has been a great help in Blasphemous, and now that you know how to Beat the Ten Piedad, you achieve it easily, do not forget that the roots increase as you defeat him, remember that the moments of attacking it they are very precise so you must take advantage of them to do the greatest damage.

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