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Blair Witch: How to play games on your phone

2019-09-02 18:26:24

We have prepared an article for you to learn how to play games on your phone throughout the game Blair Witch.

Important aspects of playing games on your phone in Blair Witch.

First of all it is important to clarify that Blair Witch is not only a game of scary creatures that make life in the forest and cause rare events, but also contains some intriguing and fun surprises, which are hidden in some corners, from your cell phone with the Chocolate bar until you can call contacts, but what you did not know is if you could play on the phone within the game, well, the truth is that yes, you can play mini games on the phone and there are two specific games, such as, Cobra Masters or Shooter Deluxe, it should be noted that before telephony gave way to free games we were relegated to pixelated games and quite simple, since we all spent enough time to be able to beat our scores as well as those of friends or family and recover the Memories that those days, as well as fun Easter eggs are included and are available from the beginning.

How to play games on your phone in Blair Witch?

In order to play these mini games on your phone, you simply have to open the radio menu using RB, then select the phone, and when you have picked up the phone, you must use the old school menu, on your Nokia, to open the game menu , this has an icon where you can see one of the chess pieces, and the word games is written, then select Cobra Master (snake) or Shooter Deluxe, in this case for the Blair Witch version, it is basically more difficult, that the version of the 90s or early 2000s, so do not be scared if that game makes you the life of little squares, well, you must go back to the beginning, remember that the practice makes the teacher.

If we go to Shooter Deluxe, we get that this is simply a clone of Space Invaders, where it is allowed to drop aliens, with your spaceship, which is simply small, really, it is quite difficult to visualize, even when the screen is large , but they are probably the same Space Invaders that you already know, what you should do is shoot the aliens, who are advancing as they descend from the top of the screen, in addition, you should avoid damaging your bases.

The two games are super fun especially if it's time to play without any occupation, on the other hand you should have a break from being afraid in the corners, therefore, check the rest of our guides, well, there you will get more help to Some strange and terrifying things happen that usually happen around Burkittsville, Maryland.

Finally, we hope that our guide has served so that you have knowledge of how to play games on your phone and remember old times in Blair Witch.

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