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Blair Witch: How to Contact The Search Party

2019-09-03 13:14:39

If you find something lost in the Blair Witch game, you came to the perfect place, in this guide we will explain how to Contact The Search Party, we hope it is of interest.

We already have one of the latest games available, this is Blair Witch, it is based on a very confusing terror. Without a doubt, when you start playing it, you will see yourself at times trapped and deadlocked, so it is necessary that you can Contact The Search Party for your rescue.

What is the game Blair Witch

As Blair Witch hints, it is a game where you have to survive the terror, developed in the third person. Without a doubt in the case of terror is scary. In this case, players can control Ellis who, in the company of a dog named Bullet, is looking for a child who disappeared into the forest. Once you start this stage you have to contact the search group, to find the child.

How to Contact The Search Party in Blair Witch

When you are at this stage of the game you will get a parking lot full of cars, and several interesting objects that are part of your story. Without further ado, you must find the radio in a police car that is very close to the beginning of that area, that radio is of utmost importance in the game and you will need it to be able to communicate with the search team.

If you continue looking in the other cars in the parking lot, you will get a picture of a child along with the characteristics of that little lost. Once you get it you have to take the necessary time to start the investigation in Blair Witch, you will also find next to the police car a box that contains posters, you must obtain it and then enter the boat.

Before continuing the route through the forest you have to take the collectible wooden doll. When you enter the forest you must grab the tourist path that you are going to get, being this the most eventual of the players. Once you take the road you must use the radio to contact the search group. Something that you have to keep in mind is that the radio uses channel two of the radio, so you have to go to the radio menu and configure it with the Walkie talkie selection, once you have communicated with the team, you have to ask Bullet that tracks the area, this will take you to the search team, so you can find the missing child.

We hope that with this guide you can Contact The Search Party in the new game Blair Witch, remember that the only way to contact them is through the radio that you will get in the parking lot inside the police patrol.

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