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Blair Witch: How To Command Bullet - tips and tricks

2019-08-30 21:37:03

We have prepared for you a couple of interesting tips to Command Bullet in the game Blair Witch.

How to Command Bullet in Blair Witch?

Let's start by reflecting the reproduction of the tape while you are standing in the camp, if you look closely, you see that in the background there is a screen that changes, even there even a toy with the shape of a police vehicle is involved, this generates sounds, but that's not all, since in real life you will see that a police vehicle appears, where you are currently, it is important that you keep in mind, that you must stop and exit the video, while the vehicle is on the ground, just pick it up, because this is really a very relevant aspect to find the lost child, so you must complete it, if what you want is to leave the camp, if you do not, you will simply keep wandering in the forest, moving in circles and returning back to the `central point of the camp in the game.

This can not be done from the beginning of the game, because if it does you will issue commands Bullet. If what you want is to call Bullet what you need to do is press LB and so you manage to issue a command, when you manage to hold LB in xbox one, you have the ability to select one of the 5 alternatives about the use of the analog bar that is on the right

The alternative of the command below on the left side is Stay, this is explained considerably, to make it by your side, just select to stay, in reality this does not generate anything. On the other hand, there is a spectrum in the upper part of your right, this is the Pet option, it is generally fun to do it and finally, there is a medium option and it is to look for this it is useful to investigate where you should go.

This search not only takes you to Bullet, but it can also take you to the exact address so you can get objects, and bring them closer to you, this should be the most useful command, with which you can go far enough, to throughout the game Blair Witch.

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