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Black Desert Mobile: Which Is The Best Class

2020-02-05 11:57:40

In Black Desert Mobile the details count so today we explain what is the best class.

Why choose the best class in Black Desert Mobile?

The class here is important, because it allows us to develop in the best way we consider it, so we make this explanatory guide in order to specify them, because each one presents its characteristics.

What is the best class in Black Desert Mobile?

The first thing that we must take into account before choosing a class is that this will directly affect our style of play, this also has an impact on our character, because here there is no right or wrong answer, and that's why we explain it here:

Ranger class: This class has a high DPS but that in one way or another has the ability to harm, as it manages to be seen at level 65, where it wakes up as a wind walker, allowing here a series of mixed movements between close combat and ranged attacks.

Witch Class: This is an extremely weak class, because it does not have enough capacity to take damage, it usually wakes up at level 65 where the breeze will finally wake up to become an archmage. This witch has a certain resemblance to a ranger and has the ability to cause considerable damage quickly.

Giant Class: this class has a high DPS with the ability to cause considerable chaos. The giant wakes up at level 65 and becomes a destroyer, capable of causing a lot of damage and eliminating enemies quickly, this class is perfect if what we choose is to do melee damage.

Warrior Class: This class has a balance between defense and offense, so it is an excellent option, at level 65 wake up becoming a berserker, because it really presents us as a balanced class.

Valkyrie class: if you like recovery spells and help in the defense of keeping the team alive, you have reached the right place, because this class when you finally reach level 65 pada from Valkyrie to Lancero, which implies an excellent option in as for role-playing games, this being an interesting option.

Finally, knowing what is the best class, allows us to make the choice that best suits us while we play in Black Desert Mobile.

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