2019-09-03 23:02:51 > > BitLife: How to use the heirlooms - tips and tricks

Below you will find all the tips and tricks on how to use the heirlooms in BitLife.

These relics can be obtained daily, this being a new addition to this game, it is good to know what to do with these relics when having them, for this you will have the following details.

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    How to use relics in BitLife?

    These relics to be able to find them, you have to wait at least 17 hours after having obtained the last one, you will see a dark room and a flashlight, you use the flashlight to find the relic, when you have it, it can appear in the asset window, when you have it located you can decide what to do with this relic, sell, give away, play or even improve, depending on the relic they have a different price, if you think about playing, you must be careful since it could break without obtaining any kind of profit.

    With this we finish the guide, so with these details you should already know how to use the heirlooms in BitLife.