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The action doesn't stop at BitLife, so today we'll explain how to get into the witness protection program.

What to know about BitLife?

We are in the situation where we are part of the mafia family and at the same time we work with the police, something that can be a risk in any way you look at it, being in the mafia you have to avoid being discovered as police informants, then looking for support will come the time to know how to get into the witness protection program and in this guide will come the details about it.


How to get into the witness protection program in BitLife?

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What we will do first on How to get into the witness protection program, is the choice of the police and become informants of them through the work menu of the mafia family, then what we must do in BitLife is to commit a crime for them, let us get caught by the police, and we will be presented with the opportunity to be an informant, if we choose not to be we will go to jail, considering from 15 to 25 years in prison, then being an informant we must collect necessary evidence against the mafia family, having a certain time limit for it demanded by the police, what we will do is interact with any of the mafia members in the collaborators' menu, we choose to collect evidence against these, as long as they are similar to not use, avoiding those with red or orange bar considering that they can confront us because we collect evidence, in this case either we admit it or we beat them, so they don't say anything.


By choosing to be a rat the option is presented to us by being a high member of the family and that we have years at it, making it low rank in BitLife is possible that members of the mafia group do not want to talk to us or get to interact which can hinder us our way looking to solve How to get into the witness protection program, then the evidence will be hindered passing 5 years without us having anything for the police will make us end up in jail, with enough evidence against the family we will go back to the authorities, and they will do the rest, then we must wait a while for the police to contact us letting us know of the capture of the criminal family members and that they will file charges against them, being then when we are offered entry into witness protection, which will take us to a new country, having a new name, and we will start a new life, although we can take our chances at home with the remaining mafia members.

Finally, now that we know how to get into the witness protection program, we can move forward in BitLife.

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