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In Bitlife you can do anything you can even learn how to get addicted to drugs in the game.

What is drug addiction in Bitlife?

It is one of the 3 types of addictions in the game: drugs, alcohol and gambling. The first is the hardest to get and quit, but remember that these addictions are bad in real life. So if you want to experiment then let it be in the game, so stay tuned.

How to get drug addiction in Bitlife?

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    Having one or more uncured addictions can make your character addicted to drugs, so if your character is addicted, you should try to cure them to prevent progress.

    If your character is under the age of 18, addiction may appear after first trying a drug, but you won't be able to get rehab until you're 18. Keep in mind that even at a young age, a character can overdose and die. But it usually happens when there are health problems and others.

    When your character is in a prison or a club, he will be asked if he wants drugs, accepting could end up getting him addicted.

    When you gamble a lot and get drugs from a club, you can get the Rowdy tape, the last stage of addiction.

    There are more than 20 types of drugs in the game, ranging from Cough syrup to heroin.

     That's all you have to know about how to get addicted to drugs in BitLife and now that you know it, we remind you that drugs are really bad, but being a virtual life simulator you can do almost anything, including this one. So we recommend you go through our articles about the game so you can discover more about what you can do here, from professions to what you can imagine.

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