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We invite you to discover How to complete the Achilles challenge, a new task in BitLife.

What is the Achilles challenge in BitLife?

It is an activity focused on the Greek hero, who was a recognized warrior, since this challenge will lead us to fulfill some tasks, among which are the fact of being born a boy in Greece, entering the army, serving in at least 3 deployments military, achieve 100 percent of some statistics such as ease, health, intelligence and appearance, enter the wrestling team and if we are on iOS suffer from athlete's foot, now to see How to complete the Achilles challenge we have the details to continuation.
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    How to complete the Achilles challenge in BitLife?

    The first thing is to have a male character born in Greece, at first it is something simple to do, then you have to achieve some statistics at the top of 100 percent for happiness, health, intelligence and appearance, certainly the issue of appearance can be the most complicated, it is necessary that we start with a statistic in this that is very high, having this what we will do is throughout life to manage the statistics, to increase it there are some things that can help us in terms of how to complete the challenge Achilles and for this specific requirement, these are the following:


    •  Appearance: it is important that the birth is with this statistic if we want to take it to the top, going through surgery or the barber and even exercise can help us improve it.
    • Happiness: being with loved ones, promotions, job promotions, exercise and the purchase of luxury items can be very useful.
    • Intelligence: for this specific we rely on reading books such as those in the library.
    • Health: healthy food is important, exercise and go to the middle constantly, the fact of being well can lead us to the fullness of the health of our character.


     The next thing on our way is that our character in BitLife joins the wrestling team, being necessary that he has a significant level of athleticism, then it is another statistic that we must treat, which is simple if we stay healthy and exercise constantly. , It means that in high school we have to have this statistic high, which allows us to join the fighting team, once time passes, and we reach 18 years it is the opportunity to fulfill another task of the challenge, which is to enter the army, then serve in 3 military deployments, now when our character is deployed we must serve in battle and survive a game, this on 3 occasions and finally if we are on iOS, we are presented with the additional task of suffering standing As an athlete, it is something that occurs randomly in the gym, this can be tedious because it usually occurs at an older age such as 30 years, then you have to wait for what happens.

     Knowing how to complete the Achilles challenge is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in BitLife.

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