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BitLife: How to bea Mob Boss or Godfather

2020-12-22 10:30:19

BitLife has nothing different from our reality, so it is necessary to tell you How to be a mafia boss or a godfather

Why become a mob boss or godfather in BitLife?

In this universe there is a number of things to do, so knowing How to be a mob boss or a godfather has become a task to be executed, the most recent update of this game has incorporated more activities where it is possible to be occupied by For a while, the idea of this task is to become the Don, at the end of all there are families of Gangsters something that should not surprise us in the least.

How to be a mob boss or godfather in BitLife?


  •  Join the mafia: this is our first task to perform, for this it is necessary to carry out some crimes being young, which means that it is a negative activity that must be done before 18 years of age because it is the time limit to enter, This usually happens little by little, we start from the bottom and in this way we manage to climb, there is no rush to reach the top quickly, just follow the appropriate steps to achieve it.
  • Execute complete crimes: When we enter the mafia family, it is necessary to take care of working hard, the idea is to gain a reputation with our gang, working constantly and with perseverance, reaching the objectives, which makes us have to complete some crimes in a regular.
  • Contribute the total amount of earnings: Completing the contracts that are sent by the boss allows us to climb in our position, and the earnings generated by these must be sent to the boss, sometimes these tasks are not so pleasant because it seems we have nothing left, but the idea is to avoid asking questions or doing any act that could cause any discontent, it is better to be submissive and proceed to do everything possible to keep the boss impressed.
  • Wait for the promotion: it should be noted that to get to this point it is necessary to have worked hard, so that our first promotion is to Soldier and this usually occurs when we receive our first contract, this does not stop there, so it is vital to work hard, because this allows us to promote the other ranks such as Captain, then Deputy Chief and finally Chief.

This is all you need to know about How to be a mob boss or godfather, although it is true that it can become a complex task in a way it can be rewarding, and we are only allowed to achieve it in BitLife, you must venture.

iOS, Bluestacks, Android
Life simulation game
Candywriter LLC.
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